At Crowdpac we're committed to boosting political participation. Our mission is to help more people participate in the political process through running for office and funding candidates and causes they believe in. We're here to help you activate and grow communities that affect the issues and elections that matter to you, and we are open to candidates, causes, and grassroots groups that align with the values of our community. It's also important to us that Crowdpac remains welcome to all and useful for all. With that in mind, we have two rules we ask our community to follow.

Be accurate
When adding races, nominating candidates, or setting up your crowdfunding pages make sure you're using accurate and verifiable information. Candidates and races must be real, and real names must be used. If someone goes by "Jerry" but their real name is Edmund, that's OK, though made-up titles or nicknames like "Deez Nuts" are not. Inaccurate, misleading, or parodic content may be removed and may prevent campaigns from being approved.

Don't be abusive
We want to encourage all of our users to express themselves and connect with each other wherever and however they can. To keep Crowdpac welcome to all and useful for all we ask for your help fostering a culture of respect. Don't post abusive or obscene content, don't bully or harass people, don't break the law, and please don't spam. Abusive content will be removed and could result in the suspension or termination of your account.

We're happy you're here and want to help you make an impact. Let us know if you see anything that strays from these guidelines and we'll take a look. We may update these guidelines as our community continues to develop but we'll always stick to these principles. Thanks for being a part of Crowdpac!