When creating or editing a campaign, you can decide who can see your campaign. There are two levels of visibility:

  • Public - Your campaign will be publicly listed on Crowdpac.

  • Private - Your campaign will only be available for people with the link. It will not be listed publicly on Crowdpac.

Follow these steps to manage your campaign's privacy options:

  1. Navigate to your campaign dashboard by selecting "My Campaigns" at the top of any page on Crowdpac. (If you have more than one campaign, click on the "View Dashboard" button near the title of the campaign on this page). If you are on mobile, select your avatar or intials in the top right corner and select "My Campaigns" from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select "Edit Campaign" from your campaign dashboard.

  3. Choose the "Privacy Settings" tab on the left hand side of your screen (on mobile, this is found in the drop down menu in the top left corner).

When creating a campaign, you will get a chance to set the privacy settings before publishing. Be sure to click the "Publish Changes" button at the bottom of the page when you are done.